Hello world!

Ah, the spirit of “Hello world!” That pretty much encapsulates what brings me here, so I’m not even going to change the default title of this very first WordPress post.

I’ve blogged on and off since 1997. I started on a platform I created for myself (complete with “Geekpoints” friends could earn by logging in and interacting, then exchange for cool stuff) for my first site: MikeHalbrook.com [now defunct] (which grew out of my old, old “Mike’s World” on AOL [now defunct].) Later, I would dabble with faith-based writing on brands like BreadAlive [now defunct] and Sirach3 [now defunct], and even on our personal/family blog at Halbrook.net.

Over time, I’ve realized that most of the personal stuff I want to share has a place with a limited audience of friends at Facebook. My professional experiences and thoughts and gathered trinkets deserve their own place. Much of the rest of the world is doing that collecting on sites like Tumblr, but I’m not going to give them my professional content, so that brings us full circle to where we started: Here.

This is going to be where I toss links that interest me or that I just want to remember, a random photo from my travels, or a random thought about some online, marketing, or analysis topic.

I hope you enjoy and find something of value here.

Welcome… and Hello world!


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