Retail Websites: The Place to Be

(Photo: Flickr: nateone)

The Hub Magazine’s “Alive and Clicking: Retailer websites are surprisingly strong as a shopper marketing tool” caught my eye in my RSS Reader the other day.

They do still very much matter, as my clients can explain. As the data in the article shows, for many audiences, a retailer’s core website and its promotional space are ripe opportunities for the retailer and for their consumer packaged goods partner vendors.

The retailer website still rocks as a channel: “28 percent of shoppers use retailer websites, compared to just 12 percent who visit a retailer’s social-media page, 10 percent who use coupons loaded onto a loyalty card, five percent who subscribe to text messages from retailers and three percent who use mobile apps while shopping in a store.”

For moms, the main value is introducing new stores, brands and products. For young men, it’s promoting electronics: “…when targeting Moms on retail websites, manufacturers will achieve a higher response by introducing them to a new store or a new brand. However, while Moms and Boomers are more likely to be influenced by discounts, they are not as likely to be motivated to stray from their pre-planned purchases. While Men, 18-24, are very responsive to marketing on retailer websites, marketing electronics products will have the highest impact.”

About that mom opportunity alone? “Almost 40 percent of Moms said they buy brands they never purchased before based on their visit to retailer websites.”

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