The Powerball of Daily Life

Powerball balls. ABC News.

Powerball balls. ABC News.

Last week, I took a little bit of flack on Twitter for asking, “Am I the only person who isn’t so sure I’d quit my job if I were to win the Powerball jackpot? (Not that I play…)”

One person replied, “Holding out for a billion? ;)”

Another, “Job might be more fun if you also had a seat on the board.”

Yet another, “Most likely.”

But still…

There’s part of me that thinks that if I did win some huge, billion-dollar jackpot, that I would keep on doing what I do every day. There’s another part of me that would hang up the consulting manager meets digital marketer meets analyst that currently fills my days. If I did that, I just might start a non-profit and publish easier, modern arrangements of obscure, ancient church music. But alas…

I LOVE what I do every day.

What is life, after all, if we don’t love what we’re doing day in and day out for our living?

I love my team, hands-down the best assembly of digital marketers and analysts in the business.

I love our solution set and market opportunity.

I love the excitement of the challenges that our clients set before us.

But back to that first point, more than anything, I love the people. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

The Daily Jackpot

Every day, I take a decent amount of time to reflect upon and give thanks for the coworkers, peers, teammates, and team members who work around me, and for our customers.

Maybe it’s the gratefulness and the constant reflection on how good we have it that makes me want to stay… or maybe it’s something else.

Regardless, I think that there’s great value in starting and ending every day reflecting upon how lucky & blessed I really am, and thinking that I basically hit “the Powerball of life” every day.

Think about life that way… Glass-half-full… Graciousness for the good things around you… Respect for the challenges and hurdles to face.

From my wife & kids, to my job & coworkers, to all of the family & friends and opportunities around me in life. 5 balls + 1 = Jackpot. Everyday. #Thankful.

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