Everlasting Day

Sunset On Hatch Lake

On a recent trip to cub scout camp with three of my four boys, many of these words came to me on my walk to and from the shower house in the 5:00 A.M. hour. When I returned to camp, I prayed morning prayer then pulled out a piece of scrap paper and scribbled the words before forgetting them…

I awoke
as cool moonlight turned
to golden morning.
God was there.

As chirps of crickets turned
to symphony of birds,
as warm blood red
kissed the horizon over the lake.
God was there.

As I walked
As earthworms slithered from the pathway
seeking safety from daylight’s heat.
As dew settled
to dampen the dry land.
As flags were raised and lowered
as grass soaked up the sun
as the cycle of life continued.
God was there.

Through the day
As men toiled and children learned
As crops grew and were harvested
As priests chanted praise
As wars raged and battles were fought
As friends enjoyed moments,
God was there.

Through my day
As I walked and worked
and stumbled and regained footing
and loved and grew impatient
and wanted and received,
God was there.

As warm day returned
to cool night
As the everlasting sun
descended the horizon,
to visit those in darkness and rest
and return to bring
The everlasting day,
God was there.

As the dusk of my day approached,
As my weary body laid down
to soak in the rest of sleep
As I sank below the horizon of life

The everlasting Son!
I rested in him
and awoke in His everlasting day.

My three oldest and me at camp last weekend. This was #3’s first time, and he’s been waiting years for the chance to go to cub scout camp with his brothers. It was a great weekend!


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