2018 After-Action Review

Happy new year! It’s time to kick off 2019 with an after-action review of 2018 and setting up some public accountability for my 2019 goals.  I’m extremely grateful for a fantastic and successful 2018, but am looking forward to building upon 2018 and doing even better in the new (secular) year.

2018 – Top Wins:

  • Faith & Formation:
    • Consistency in my morning & evening prayer & contemplation, and in meeting with my spiritual director
    • Successfully passing all of my academic coursework for formation, wrapping up my first pastoral assignment and getting into my new pastoral assignment
  • Personal:
    • Truly disconnecting from work and taking my sabbatical, focusing time on the family and our activities together
    • Better balance and boundaries between work time and personal/family time
    • Designed, financed, purchased land for, and started the process of building our new family home
  • Professional: A hugely successful year at work, tackling some major initiatives successfully, and meeting all my organizational goals

2018 – Top Failures:

  • Not accomplishing my “publishing/platform” goal for 2018
  • Falling away from diet & exercise – hitting a peak 2-year weight
  • Still being too distracted by my phone & social media when I’m with the family

2018 – Goal Review:

  • Goal: Publish consistently and turn it into sustainable cash flow – by end of Q3
    • Grade: F – Didn’t accomplish; probably wasn’t well-written or the right approach to the goal, and I didn’t focus my time in the right ways to make it happen.
  • Goal: Clarify, nurture, develop Adobe Consulting org culture and communications
    • Grade: B – Accomplished what we could well in 2018. Definitely helped start to improve the culture & communications of our group, but more than anything set us up for success in 2019 through some of the changes we’re going through here at the bridge of 2018 to 2019.
  • Goal: Be a better husband and dad, through conserving and maintaining what is important in our home
    • Grade: C – Wasn’t specific enough, but I’m always going to be tough on myself on this one.  It should come first, and I should be able to go to bed each night at peace with how I’m doing as a husband and father, knowing I’m giving more than my best.

2019 – Goals:

  • Be a better husband and dad. Focus on quality time with Suzanne and the boys. Majority of time with them isn’t on my phone; focus on quality conversation each day with Suzanne.
  • Work down to 165 pounds by July 4, maintain and build muscle through the back half of 2019. Run a 5K in the fall or before.
  • Maintain daily prayer: Morning & Evening Prayer, Contemplative Prayer, Rosary, Chaplet of St. Michael
  • Writing & publishing:  Develop consistent publishing platform by July 4; develop it into self-sustaining revenue source by end of 2019.
  • Journaling: Journal at least once a week


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