Here are some topics I’ve presented multiple times. I could customize any of these topics to most audiences or settings:

Catholic 101 & Q&A
A presentation of a “Top 10” of Catholic beliefs, followed by ample time for open Q&A. I have designed this for those inquiring about the faith, or those wanting to try to return to the faith.

About the Diaconate
An introduction to the theology and practice of the Diaconate in the Catholic Church.

Ecclesiology for Catechists
A survey of Ecclesiology to help Catechists understand the current state and understanding of the Church and use it in the way they’re forming students, parents, and families.

Secrets of the Liturgy
Learn some of the more interesting “secret” or less-known aspects of the Missal and the Mass.

What Makes Catholic Worship Different?
Learn some key differences between the Catholic understanding and practice of liturgy and that of some of our Christian brothers & sisters.

The Mass

The Church Year

The Gospels